Coin-Operated Tables

Our coin-operated billiard tables are manufactured in our facilities. Because we are committed to our customers to strive for high quality billiards, our tables are made with the best raw materials in the industry, from the solid marble top from Europe to the high quality and endurance of our wood, imported South America.  Our table cloth is from The Henry W.T. Mali, leading company since 1848.

Wooden Finish

These coin-operated billiard tables are manufactured with the same standards and mechanisms as our well known Columbia coin-operated tables, and are made with a delicate wooden finish that gives your business a more sphisticated look.

Aluminum Finish

Coin-operated billiard tables made with a complex mechanism, operated with a coin-chute. We have more than 20 different laminate colors and desing that you may combine with up to 25 different table cloth colors to create your perfect combination.