About Us


Our mission is to satisfy our customer's needs and demand. This is why we are the Champion's Choice.


Since 1958 we have followed the sam philosophy: build billiard tables of the finest quality for your home, as well as for your business.

Brief History

Billares Columbia is the pioneer in the billiard manufacturing industry in Puerto Rico. The name "Columbia" came from the historical launch of the US Space Shuttle Columbia and the year the corporation was registered and operated by its current owner.

In 1958, Mr. Gaspar Berio Rivera developed the art of making good quality billiard tables in Puerto Rico with his associate Mr. Nicasio Hernandez, and named the their tables: Super Berher. By the beginning of the 1970's, Mr. Berio Rivera transformed his business and focused on the commercial appliances, and changed the brand of his tables to Apollo XI.

It's in 1982 that Mr. Gaspar Berio Morales established the company in Sector Ortiz, Toa Alta. In 1984 he moved from Toa Alta to Hato Tejas, Bayamón where he currently runs his business. In that same year he changed the name of the corporation to "Fábrica de Billares Columbia".

Mr. Charly Berio Cruz joined the company in 2002 to continue with the family tradition

For three generations we have maintained the same high quality standards, while we have improved our product selection to better satisfy each of our customer's needs.