Billares Columbia has the widest variety of billiard accessories, from parts to refurbish your table to furnitures and accessories to improve your game.  We count with the support of the most prestigious companies in the industry, such as Saluc, Imperial International, Happ, and Mali Co.

Additionally, we are proud to carry our own exclusive line of fine billiard cues: Columbia… the Champion’s choice.

Ball Set
Juegos de Bolas

We carry the best brands and desing the market has to offer, from the standard crown to more modern styles such as the new Aramith Camouflage ball set.

Lista de Lámparas
Not impressed with same dull billiard lamp? In Billares Columbia we have more than ten different styles and colors of lamps available.
Cues & Cases
Lista de Tacos
We carry cue brands, such as Cuetec, Excalibur, Eliminator, as well as our own exclusive line of cues with unique designs and finishes.
Table Cloth
Lista de Paños
Tire of the same three table cloth colors?  So are we!  That is way we have more than 25 different colors from one of the most prestiged and experienced company in the industry: The Henry W.T. Mali Co.
Cue Racks

We have a wide variety of cue racks, from floor racks to the standard wall rack, and the more elaborated cherry or oak color finish wall racks.

Our stock includes cue racks that hold from six to eight cues, while holding the ball racks and cone chalk.

Our cue racks are easy to assemble, with little or no tools needed to put together.

Other Accessories
Set de Bolas
We have all the kind of billiard accessories to play such as lether cue tips, coin shutes, bridges, chalk, etc.
Other Furnishure & Decorative Accessories
Otros Muebles
Would you like to decorate your area? We have all kind of billiard accessories to decorate your area such as clocks, expectator chairs, posters, etc.