Ball Sets

We carry a wide sellection of billiard balls to satisfy every customer, from traditional standard crown to more sylish ball sets, like our Aramith camouflage balls and Aramith Great White balls. We hope our sellection would satisfy your expectations.


We are proud to be the main supplier of the Aramith balls in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  Saluc S.A. is the world’s leading manufacturing company of billiard, snooker and carom balls.  The Aramith balls are the only one in the world made of pure phenolic resin, making them last up to 5 times longer than other balls made from polyester or other polymers.

Great White Set
Stone Set
Camouflage Set
Standard Crown
Super Aramith Pro Cup TV
Aramith Great White
Aramith Stone
Aramith Camouflage
Aramith Standard Crown
Aramith Super Pro
Great White Sample
Jim Rempe Training Ball
Aramith Golden 8
Aramith Pro Cup Cue Ball
Great White Sample
Aramith Training Ball
Aramith Golden 8 Ball
Aramith 6-Dot Cue Ball

Otros Juegos de Bolas

Crest Norwich Criss-Cross
Crest Large and Small
Marbelized (Elephant Balls)
Crest Standard
Elephant Balls
Crest Standard
Crest Delux Pearlized
Kit Completo de Billar